Another Man’s Poison


frazier8As Mischievous as Mencken, as cantankerous as Pegler, as elegant as Swope, as individual as columnists come, during his forty-year career, George Frazier expressed his stylish views of the world in the pages of Life, Esquire, Mademoiselle, Down Beat, The Boston Herald and The Boston Globe. From the halls of Harvard in the 1920s, through the smoky jazz clubs of the 1930s and the elegant Manhattan night clubs of the 1940s and ’50, to the clatter of newspaper city rooms in the 1960s and ’70, Another Man’s Poison tells the story of George Frazier’s colorful life and singular writing.

Duende was George Frazier’s favorite word. It is, of course, the precise word to describe his life and his writings: roughly translated–grace, wit and class.” — Studs Terkel

“Charles Fountain has preserved George’s duende and a great deal more.” –Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice

“…a superb piece of work.” — Stanley Dance, Jazz Times

“Fountain’s excellent biography gives us a vivid picture of a stylish yet unhappy man and recreates the publishing and jazz scenes of the ’40s, 50s, and ’60s in the process.” —Publishers Weekly

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